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About me

My name is Gazizova Amina, and I am an analytical and clinical psychologist, as well as a non-medical psychotherapist.

This means that I work in a psychodynamic psychotherapeutic approach. My work is based on the theory of analytical psychology by K.G. Jung.


I do not prescribe medication. I can work in collaboration with a psychiatrist when needed, and I take people diagnosed with mental disorders into therapy.

I know for sure that real changes require attention and time, and I can be a steady and reliable guide to the depths of your self. Sometimes it is a painful long way, but it is definitely inevitable. Take care of yourself, ask for help. 



2017 - 2023

Clinical psychologist (Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Faculty of Legal Psychology, Department of Clinical and Forensic Psychology)

2020 - 2022 

Analytical psychologist (Moscow Association of Analytical Psychology)

2020 - present

Conferences and seminars of additional education of IAAP and Clinics of C.G. Jung

Work experience

2020 - present

Private psychotherapeutic practice

2020 - 2022

PsyTravel - the project where travelling and psychology meet (co-founder)

2020 - 2023

Neuropsychologist (medical psychologist at the hospital "Medsi")

2020 - to present

Support groups for people experiencing the loss of a loved one

2023 - present

Teaching psychology 

I'm going through a personal analysis with an IAAP candidate - more than 100 hours.

I attend group and individual supervision - more than 70 hours.

And I also post thoughts about psychology in Telegram

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