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Clinical and analytical psychologist,

non-medical psychotherapist

I work integratively,

relying mainly on the methods of depth psychology of C. G. Jung.

You can contact me not only if you are looking for a counseling psychologist on a specific problem, but also if you feel that it is time for you to make personal changes, rethink values and search for new meanings.

Our work will be most effective if you are willing to change and are interested in exploring yourself.

I can help with such requests

- Relationships (with yourself, parents, relatives);

- Bereavement (death, separation);

- Loss and emigration;

- Work with genogram;

- Nightmares, recurring dreams;

- Schizophrenic spectrum disorders.


- "I worry a lot";

- "I think I'm depressed";

- "I'm in a crisis, I don't know what to do";

- "No strength, no sense in life";

- “I don’t understand who I am, what I want”;

- "I have a problem. It's time to talk about";

- “I find it difficult to express myself, I constantly criticize myself”;

"I don't understand what's wrong with me and I need help."

How will we work?


First meetings

The first 4 meetings are considered introductory. We will get to know each other, discuss your request, draw up an approximate work plan.



Analytical psychology involves discussing everything the client brings to the session. It takes time to change, and that's okay. 



For long-term deep work, at least 2 meetings are desirable, at which we will discuss your motivation and willingness to stop working.

What else is important to know before the first meeting?

  • Payment for the first meeting occurs one day before the session. 

  • The start and end time of the session is fixed; in case of delay, the end time does not shift.

  • The psychologist guarantees the client strict confidentiality of the information received.

Условия работы

35 EUR / 50 minutes

Meeting cost

online worldwide

offline in Belgrade (Serbia)

reduced fee

For those who are not able to pay full price. Check availability.

Book an appointment

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Thank you, I will contact you shortly.

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